September 12, 2008

ACHONDROPLASIA – n. Medicine a hereditary condition in which the growth of long bones is retarded, resulting in short limbs.

I’m going to try to steer clear of medical terminology most of the time but I thought this was interesting.  This is just one hereditary condition that causes dwarfism, albeit about 70% of the time.  Dwarfism comprises a variety of different conditions such as this.  Learn more about achondroplasia here.  Learn more about dwarfism and little people here.

This is a picture of a pair of twins, one normal and one with achondroplasia.


3 Responses to “Achondroplasia”

  1. tori said

    Dwarfism is serious

  2. tori said

    Dwarfism reminds me of lord of the rings

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