September 18, 2008

ADDLE – v. [often used as adj. addled] 1 confuse. 2 (of an egg) become rotten, producing no chick. – adj. 1 unsound; muddled. 2 archaic (of an egg) rotten.   ORIGIN Middle English: from Old English adela ‘liquid filth’, of Germanic origin.

This word was interesting for so many reasons.  First, it’s just fun to say; “Addle”, “Addled”; try it!  Second, who knew it was a word for rotten eggs!  Third, I usually don’t include the origin portion, but look at this one; it comes from a word meaning ‘liquid filth’.

So, some stuff to go along with this word.  Here’s an article about addling wild goose eggs to control the goose population.  Very interesting, but not for goose lovers.  I didn’t know they did stuff like that.

Read this brief description of the Addled Parliament.

And I really wanted to link to the Nigel the Addled Weatherman videos on Youtube but I couldn’t access them at the time I was writing this.


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