Latin “ad” phrases

September 22, 2008

Today is going to be a little different than most.  In the “ad-” section of the dictionary I came across quite a number of “ad” phrases coming from Latin and I think they’re interesting and they make you sound smarter if you know how to use them.  And since this is my word of the day and I can do whatever I want, I’m going to give you a list of such phrases from my dictionary and hopefully you can use them to sound smart some day soon.

And for your reference, the “ad” typically means “to” and what follows is a usually a noun.  eg. Ad Infinitum = to infinity

AD FIN (“at the end”) – adv. at or near the end of a piece of writing.

AD HOC (“to this”) – adj. & adv. formed, arranged, or done for a particular purpose only.

AD HOMINEM (“to the person”) – adv. & adj. 1 associated with a particular person. 2 (of an argument) personal rather than objective.

AD INFINITUM (“to infinity”) – adv. endlessly; forever.

AD INTERIM (“to meanwhile”) – adv. for the meantime.

AD LIB or AD LIBITUM (“according to pleasure”) – v. speak or perform in public without preparing in advance. – adv. & adj. 1 spoken without advance preparation. 2 Music with free rhythm and expression. 3 as much and as often as desired. – n. an ad-lib remark or speech.

AD LITEM (“for the lawsuit”) – adj. Law acting in a lawsuit on behalf of a child or an adult who cannot represent themself.

AD NAUSEAM (“to sickness”) – adv. to a tiresomely excessive degree.

AD PERSONAM (“to the person”) – adv. formal on an individual basis.

AD REM (“to the matter”) – adv. & adj. to the point.

AD VALOREM (“according to the value”) – adv. & adj. (of the levying of taxes or duties) in proportion to the value of the goods or transaction concerned.


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