September 24, 2008

ADULTESCENT – n. informal a middle-aged person whose clothes, interests, and activities are typically associated with youth culture.

Webster named ‘adultescent’ 2004’s word of the year.  And according to this article as well, 2004 was the year of the adultescent.  And I think we would all agree that the adultescent has continued to proliferate since then.  The movie Failure to Launch is about an adultescent.  It was actually a fairly funny movie, too.  The guy’s dad has a room in his house which he has designated as his “naked room.”  Hilarious.


One Response to “Adultescent”

  1. […] solution: Act more like a Judd Apatow character. Prolonging our adultescence may help reduce fertility to below replacement level (i.e. one birth for each death), as more adult […]

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