September 26, 2008

ADVENTITIOUS – adj. 1 happening according to chance. 2 coming from outside, not native. 3 Biology formed accidentally or in an unusual position. 4 Botany (of a root) growing directly from the stem or other upper part of a plant.

This seems like the kind of nerdy-sounding word that you might find greater opportunity to use in everyday conversation.  You’ve got a few different ways you could use it.  

Adventitious movements are often described as a characteristic of certain physical conditions.  One scholarly article defines adventitious movements as “involuntary movements that occur during voluntary movements”, such as those that often characterize individuals with autism or Huntington’s disease, among others.  The following is a short video about Huntington’s disease.  It discusses some of the difficulties of the disease and illustrates some of the adventitious movements characteristic of the disease.

An adventitious root looks like this: 


One Response to “Adventitious”

  1. Eric said

    Awesome Post. So sad about his Mom. Keep up the great posts. We are studying for the GRE and love this blog.

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