October 9, 2008

ALEXANDRITE – n. a gem variety of chrysoberyl which appears green in daylight and red in artificial light.

Okay, I decided we’d get a little sciencey today.  I read this one and was instantly fascinated.  I looked it up on wikipedia and got more fascinated.  The phenomenon that causes the gem to change color in different light is called pleochroism.  Read about it.  Alexandrite gems with strong color changes are extremely rare and can be more valuable than diamonds.  Even if you don’t want to read more about Alexandrite you can still enjoy this pretty picture:


One Response to “Alexandrite”

  1. Damian Chance said

    How much would a 1 crt stone be worth… i looking to get engagement ring with an Alexandrite type stone :)I just looking to be more informed when i need to talk with a jeweler 🙂

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