October 15, 2008

AMBERGRIS – n. a wax-like secretion of the intestines of the sperm whale, found floating in tropical seas and used in perfume manufacture.

This one gets to be a word of the day because it’s so strange.  You might have heard about it before.  It seems weird to me to use a whale’s loogie to make you smell better.  But supposedly it smells good and is really rare and expensive.  One website sells Ambergris for 90 Euros per gram or 400 Euros per 5 grams

Looks great, eh? Don't you just want to rub that all over your body?


2 Responses to “Ambergris”

  1. Uma Mageswari said

    Dear Peter,

    Good Morning. Yesterday when I went to beach along with my children I found some pleasant smell article. I thought it would be an Ambergris. I tested the needle test also, I got a positive result. To whom I will have to contact to get exact confirmation. To whom I will have to contact to sell it. Can you help me please.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Uma Mageswari.

    • Peter Leavitt said

      Well Uma, I’m afraid I won’t be much help here. I don’t know much more than what wikipedia says. But I bet you could contact any marine sciences department at a local college to help you identify it. And anyone who can help you identify it can probably put you in contact with someone to whom you can sell it. Good luck.

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