October 21, 2008

Amenable – adj. responsive to suggestion. >(amenable to) capable of being acted on.

This is one of those words that I feel like I’ve seen fairly frequently but that I’ve never known exactly what it means.  There are some words you can get away with not entirely understanding because the larger context helps it make sense.  And that’s a travesty.  So this post is to help me understand this word more completely so that I can give it the appropriate respect the next time I encounter it.

There are amenable things everywhere!  For math lovers, there are amenable numbers and amenable groups.  Looking at that stuff is like looking at a foreign language.  

Amenable mortality is mortality that can theoretically be averted by good health care.  Did you know that the US has one of the highest amenable mortality rates in the developed world?  

And amenable cyanide appears to be used for waste water quality control.

I hope you’ve kept your minds amenable (I hope that’s a correct usage, haha) as you read this post, hopefully you’ve learned something new and gained new respect for this noble word.


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