October 29, 2008

ANACHRONISM – n. 1 a thing appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists. 2 the attribution of something to a period to which it does not belong.

This is a word you’ve probably heard before and you probably already know what it means but I like it so it’s getting included.  Plus I’m sure you all know how smart you feel when you’re watching a movie and you spot an anachronism and you know what to call it, too!

For some movie anachronisms, check out this guy’s blog.  If you ask me, he might be a bit picky, but an anachronism is an anachronism, right?

You know those renaissance fairs where people dress up all medieval-like and have sword fights and stuff?  Well, there’s a pretty good chance those people are part of the organization known as SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism.  When I lived in Clinton, BC there was a SCA fair site about 5 minutes out of town and my friends and I would go every year.  And when the fair wasn’t going on we’d go play in the big wooden castle they have up there.  But I’ve grown out of that stuff since then, just in case you were wondering.  And just for interests sake, the SCA world is divided into kingdoms; my Canadian peeps in BC and Alberta are in the Kingdom of An Tir, and my Southern Californian peeps are in the Kingdom of Caid.


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