October 30, 2008

ANATHEMA – n. 1 something that one vehemently dislikes: racism was anathema to her. 2 a formal curse of the Church, excommunicating a person or denouncing a doctrine.

Overall, I think this word is one that can and should become a more common part of vocabularies.  Even more so because our own dim-witted president George W. Bush has used it in some quote worth quoting on the internet somewhere: “As these milestones approach, we can expect there to be increasing violence from the terrorists, … They can’t stand elections. The thought of people voting is anathema to them.”  If he can use it, we should too!

For the religious take on anathema, you can check out the Wikipedia entry.  I didn’t think it was very interesting, though.

Anathema is the name of a band that I think is worth checking out.


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