November 6, 2008

ANIMADVERT – v. (animadvert on/upon/against) formal criticize or censure.

fingerwaggingSo this word is, unsurprisingly, one without much popular media attached to it on the web.  It is, however, an excellent, obscure word to add to your vocabulary.  But I fear that it is too cumbersome and complicated for me to get much use out of it.  Best of luck to the rest of you, though.  Try saying it with a British accent, it sounds a little less clunky that way.

On the lighter side, here’s a blog where people play a game making up definitions for obscure words.  They have a post for Animadvert.  Check it out.


2 Responses to “Animadvert”

  1. mat isaac said

    interesting. thanks for the link on other obscure words

  2. cwillz said

    I love stuff like this. i’m going to try and work animadvert into a conversation this week.

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