November 22, 2008

Anomie – n. lack of the usual social or ethical standards.

My inner sociologist loves this term.  It’s very fascinating to explore the meaning and implications of this word more in depth.  Probably not for everyone, though.  Read the wikipedia article.  It mentions that Emile thestrangerDurkheim popularized the usage of the term.  It also mentions a few books that provide examples of anomie, one of which I have actually read and would recommend to anyone who finds this even remotely interesting: The Stranger, by Albert Camus.  


Take away sociology and anomie is still connected to some interesting stuff.  For instance, the band Anomie Belle, which is actually quite good.  Very chill music.  Check it out.

I also found a sweet website dedicated to graffiti art.  You have to register to look at the pics but it’s simple and worth it.  It’s called Anomie1, check it out.


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