November 23, 2008

Anorak – n. 1 a waterproof jacket, usually with a hood. 2 Brit informal a socially inept person with unfashionable and largely solitary interests.

anorakI first heard the word anorak in my elementary school French classes.  We all thought it was such a strange thing to call a hoodie, although I guess it is a little different than a hoodie..  I don’t know why it was in French class that we learned it.  It’s the same in English and French.  I guess our textbook thought anorak was an important word for ten year olds to learn.  However, one thing our French textbook didn’t tell us was the second definition of the word.  Those silly Brits.  Apparently the second meaning comes from the frequent use of the anorak by trainspotters, who are considered very dull and socially inept people.  Interesting, eh?  If you don’t know what trainspotting is, check it out here.  I suppose I might have been a bit of an anorak as a child.  But I never wore one.

And for a little fun, Anorak is a British news parody website and publication.


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