December 13, 2008

Apotheosis – n. (pl. apotheoses) 1 the highest point in the development of something. 2 elevation to divine status.

I like this word.  I would say that my word blog has not quite reached apotheosis yet, but its on its way.

apotheosisSo I discovered that there is a ceiling mural in the eye of the rotunda of the US Capitol called The Apotheosis of Washington, referring to former president George Washington.  You can use the link to learn more about the painting, but it depicts, among other things, “…George Washington rising to the heavens in glory…”  They really thought highly of George back in the day.  With good reason, I suppose.


And if you like graphic cartoon violence, watch this video called Madness Combat 4 – Apotheosis.  If you watch till the end you’ll understand the title.  But if you don’t like graphic cartoon violence don’t watch.


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