December 28, 2008

Apropos – prep. with reference to.  

PHRASES – Apropos of nothing – having no relevance to any previous discussion or situation.

This is another one of those words that I’ve heard before but probably couldn’t use properly.  Until now, of course.  It’s also one of very few prepositions that has made this blog (it may be the only preposition to make the blog so far).

When I was looking for examples of usage, I saw that, in real life, people often use the word apropos as an adjective, as in this sentence:  

“Time is money, as they say, and it was never more apropos than on a television show, where a minute is worth about $200!”
 Dirk Benedict

That is incorrect and you can rub that in someone’s face sometime.  But it may be that apropos in adjective form is an acceptable usage, but simply not recognized by the Oxford dictionary.

A correct usage is in this sentence: 

“America is a forgiving nation, apropos Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton, Latrell Sprewell and Pee Wee Herman.”
 Fraser Seitel

I discovered that Apropos is a very popular name in Spyware.  Kinda boring, I know.

Apropos of Something is a funny blog about comics, for all you nerds out there (nothing wrong with being a nerd, by the way).  They take classic comic cells and switch out the original text for humorous text.  It can be kinda funny.



One Response to “Apropos”

  1. ren said

    I like this site! I couldn’t find a good site for the usage of apropos anywhere.

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