Participation Time!!

March 24, 2009

So this message is for all 3 of my regular readers.  I’ve discovered that I really enjoy when people make comments on my blogs.  I’ve also discovered that my word of the day blog doesn’t inspire many comments.  So in an effort to remedy that, I’m suggesting a little ongoing activity the 4 of us can do.  And it completely fits with the spirit of the blog.  

So what we’re going to try to do is use any word of the day and report back on how and in what context you used it by making a comment on the relevant word.  This is a chance to solidify these words in your vocabulary while sounding increasingly intelligent to those around you.

And now in point form:

  • Pick any word of the day from this blog
  • Use that word in conversation somehow
  • Leave a comment on the blog detailing how you used it and how smart you felt when you used it
  • Repeat as often as possible

Now go my fellow word nerds and report back soon!



January 31, 2009

Arcology – n. an ideal city contained within a massive vertical structure, allowing maximum conservation of its environment.  

ORIGIN 1969: blend of Architecture and Ecology

So this is another word that I’m including because of its connection to a video game arcologyI used to play as a youth.  An arcology, you may remember, was the pinnacle of development in the game SimCity 2000.  It was always pretty satisfying when you finally reached the point where you could build one in your city.  Even more satisfying if you managed to get to that point without cheating.

SimCity aside, there is a lot of interesting information on the  web about arcologies.  Do check out the wikipedia entry on it.  

Many search results referred to Arcosanti, a modern arcology project in Arizona that is currently under construction.  Check out the link for much more information on the project.  It seems like a very interesting undertaking.



A Short Break From The Word

November 11, 2008

I’ve been trying to add an entry once a day or at least once every couple of days.  I haven’t been doing so great lately and I’m afraid the trend may continue until I’m finished with grad school applications.  I just  discovered that the application deadline for one school is a month earlier than all the others.  So wish me luck with that and I promise I’ll be back to the word of the day before you know it!