March 31, 2009

Ascesis – n. the practice of severe self-discipline.  Ascetic – adj. characterized by the practice of severe self-discipline.

See Asceticism for the Wikipedia treatment.

Not surprisingly, the word ascesis comes up frequently in religious contexts.  Asceticism is a virtue especially in very devout religious circles.  But, unfortunately, not very interesting to read about.  But if you have a few moments and are curious enough, you could always watch this video that describes asceticism.

Something more interesting is Ascetic Records, which, if you enjoy indie/prog rock sort of stuff, might just tune you in to some good new music.  I think they’ve got some good bands under their wing.

And by some crazy coincidence, if you’re more interested in French hip-hop then Ascetic Music is the website for you.

And then there’s always The Ascetic Junkies.  Or the song Ascetic by CIGARETTA.

Who knew asceticism was such a big part of the music industry?  Ha.